Meet the Team

Jo Merry

Joint Founder - natrl skincare

Ian Merry

Ian Merry

Joint Founder - natrl skincare

natrl skincare is the brainchild of a husband and wife team, Jo and Ian Merry.

In response to their own needs for totally natural skincare and wanting to be 100% sure about the ingredients that they applied to their skins, they set out to learn all about the formulation and manufacture of plant- based cosmetics. With the necessary knowledge and qualifications they then set out to create their own unique formulations that were not only plant-based, eco- conscious and ethical, but also highly effective.

It was Jo Merry's quest to find a gentle yet effective 'natural' make up remover that didn't cause her an allergic reaction that proved to be the foundation for the creation and development of the Natrl skincare range of skincare products.

Her story is here....

"My story about how our amazing waterproof make up remover was created.

I had never had sensitive skin until I reached middle age.

A few years ago, when I was 52, after using a rather harsh cleansing wipe to remove my make up, I woke up the next morning to find that my eyes were very red, sore and swollen.

Not one to go without make up, I continued to apply my eyes with the usual eye make up.

My skin began to flake and was always sore around my eyes. 

Time for some investigation!

After much reading and research, I realised that as a result of hormonal changes my skin had become very sensitive, which was triggered by the harsh chemicals in the wipes. Once triggered, it would not go away. I thought I was stuck with this had to find a remedy.

After much searching, I came across a recipe that I could mix myself. Three simple ingredients – water, olive oil and witch hazel. 


My eyes recovered and I’ve never looked back.

When we decided to embark on a phyto skincare course to learn how to formulate natural skin care products, my obvious first choice to produce properly for Natrl skincare was my waterproof make up remover. 

The result is our very own perfected version of my original homemade concoction – Waterproof Make Up Remover.

I am pleased and proud of the result. It is the consistency of milk, lovely to apply and does not make my eyes sore at all. On top of that, it does actually remove my waterproof mascara. It works brilliantly! It also leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised afterwards.

I don’t use many products on my skin but I could never be without this now."

Jo is now fully committed to identifying and developing 100% natural answers to all kinds of skin and body care  situations, whilst not compromising on her belief in simplicity and efficacy.

From Jo's original concept the Natrl Skincare range has grown to more than 17 different products with many more in development. All products have the same common features -100% natural, plant-based, cruelty free, vegan, ethical, eco-conscious and free from any nasty additives- whilst being VERY effective for whatever purpose they were designed. Simply put ETHICS with EFFICACY!