Our Story

At Natrl, we proudly present a range of meticulously crafted products that celebrate the synergy between nature and beauty. Our skincare line is designed to pamper your skin with the purest botanical extracts, ensuring a radiant and healthy complexion. Unveil the secret to luscious locks with our hair care products, carefully formulated to nourish and revitalize. Indulge in the luxury of our shampoo, which combines the potency of natural ingredients to cleanse and strengthen your hair, leaving it vibrant and full of life. Experience the transformative power of our soap, where every lather is a gentle embrace of nature's goodness. We believe that true beauty is a reflection of well-nurtured, naturally radiant skin and hair. Join us in embracing the beauty of Natrl – where the finest elements of the earth converge to elevate your self-care routine to a realm of pure indulgence.

The idea behind natrl  Skincare

SO Natural Cosmetics was established in early 2019 by a husband and wife team based in rural Buckinghamshire with the goal of creating a range of 100% natural and plant-based body and skin care products, aimed at a market not defined by sex, age or ethnicity but more so embracing a desire for something better, more natural, eco-conscious and sustainable.

Having completed training in phyto-skincare formulation and manufacture, we set about redefining the basis for a range of natural skincare products that, first and foremost, were no less effective than established high street brands, but still maintained credibility in the 2020s.

In May 2023 SO Natural Cosmetics was rebranded as natrl skincare.

The birth of a natural skincare and brand

 We are a mature professional couple with a concern for what we put in and on our bodies. Having, for many years, sought simple, natural solutions to issues of sensitive skin, dry skin and allergic reactions to mainstream brands (without a great deal of success and a severely depleted wallet), we decided to create our own. Our initial attempts unexpectedly produced very successful results and, as a result, the decision was taken to take a leap of faith and venture into the world of natural skincare on a professional basis. SO Natural Cosmetics represents the culmination of our efforts and addresses the need for a distinct range of gender neutral products that appeal to a broad scope of people that value their health, their well-being and the environment around them.

Our simple ethos

We think that we all deserve something better. Products that don't have the potential not only to damage our personal health, but also to destroy environment around us. We have a duty to our children and grand-children to take care of their legacy.

To that end all our products are 100% natural and plant-based. Wherever possible we use organic accredited sources and local suppliers. We support small businesses and artisan producers. We take our carbon footprint seriously and seek to reduce our impact on the environment in every way possible. We embrace an ethos of no petroleum based or synthetic additives. We are cruelty free and only use natural ingredients from certifiably sustainable sources with good working practices and human rights policies.

Simply put, our range is ethical, natural and effective and delivers high quality visible skin and hair care benefits in a natural way.