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Eco-Friendly Hand Sewn Soap Saver Bags

Eco-Friendly Hand Sewn Soap Saver Bags

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Key Features

Features of Our Soap Saver Bags

Dual-Texture Design

Each soap saver bag features a unique dual-texture design. One side is made of soft cotton, ideal for gentle cleansing, while the reverse side is crafted from rougher jute, perfect for exfoliating. This innovative design allows for a versatile washing experience, catering to different skin needs.

Zero Waste and Reusable

Say goodbye to soap waste and messy residues. Our soap saver bags are designed to hold every little scrap of soap, ensuring you get the most out of your soap bars. After use, simply hang the bag to allow water to drain away, leaving no residue in your bath or shower. These bags are not only zero waste but also infinitely reusable and refillable, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Pre-Shrunk and Colour Variety

Each soap saver bag is pre-shrunk to ensure consistent sizing and performance. The colours of our soap bags vary, reflecting the availability of recycled materials sourced from the waste of clothes and soft furnishings manufacturers. This process adds a unique charm to each bag, making them as individual as our customers.


Material: Repurposed scrap from clothes and soft furnishing manufacturers (cotton and jute).

Handcrafted Soap Saver Bags by natrl skincare

Eco-Friendly and sustainable

Our soap saver bags are meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisans at Jefferson Crafts in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Embracing sustainability, these soap bags are made exclusively from 100% natural materials, including repurposed cotton and jute. This commitment to eco-friendliness ensures that each soap saver bag contributes to a greener planet, whilst being practical, mess free, and zero waste.

Versatile and convenient sizes

We understand that soaps come in various sizes, which is why we offer our soap saver bags in two convenient sizes. The Small size is perfect for regular 100g soap bars, while the Large size accommodates bigger bars, such as our 200g Aleppo Soaps. This versatility ensures that whatever your soap size, our soap saver bags are the perfect fit.

Simply drop your soap bar into the soap saver and use the soft natural cotton side to gently cleanse, or switch to using the rougher jute side to exfoliate. No mess, no waste, ho hassle.

natrl skincare's Hand Sewn Soap Saver Bags offer an innovative, eco-friendly solution to your daily cleansing routine. Perfect for all soap sizes, these bags are a testament to sustainable living without compromising on quality or functionality. Join us in our journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle with these beautifully crafted soap savers.

Handcrafted in Hertfordshire

Celebrate local craftsmanship with our Soap Savers, carefully hand-sewn in Hertfordshire for natrl skincare, by Jefferson Crafts. The local geographical touch adds authenticity to your sustainable skincare routine, connecting you to the artisans and their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

You can find out more about Jefferson Crafts and their commitment to sustainability on their website at

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  • Eco-Friendly Material Harmony

    Embrace a zero-waste solution with our Soap Savers, hand-sewn using 100% recycled natural materials-repurposed cotton and jute. This eco-friendly composition not only minimizes waste but also transforms your soap bar into an efficient, reusable, and refillable bathroom essential.

  • Mess-Free Soap Management

    Bid farewell to soap residue and random pieces with our Soap Savers. These perfectly sized bags hold your natural soap bars, preventing mess and waste. The dual-purpose design acts as both a holder and a flannel/exfoliator, featuring a soft cotton side and a rougher jute side for a thorough cleansing experience.

  • Ultimate Zero Waste Solution

    Elevate your eco-conscious lifestyle with the ultimate zero waste solution. Our Soap Savers allow you to use every little scrap of soap, leaving no waste behind. The reusable and refillable nature of these bags makes them a sustainable choice for an eco-friendly bathroom routine.

  • Variety in Size and Exfoliation

    Choose the perfect fit for your soap bars with two size options-small for regular 100g soap bars and Large for larger bars like our 200g Aleppo Soaps. The hessian versions double as exfoliators, offering a soft cotton side and a rougher jute side. This variety ensures a tailored and indulgent cleansing experience.

  • Handcrafted Excellence

    Enjoy the meticulous craftsmanship of our Soap Savers, hand-sewn by our skilled friends at Jefferson Crafts in Watford, Hertfordshire. Each soap saver is a testament to artisanal care and attention, contributing to the unique character of the product.

  • Quality and Varied Colours

    Experience the reliability of pre-shrunk soap savers that maintain their form and functionality over time. The varied colours, sourced from the waste of clothes and soft furnishings manufacturers, add a touch of vibrancy to your bathroom. Each soap saver, with its unique hues, becomes a distinctive and stylish addition to your daily routine.