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Luxurious Natural Beard Oil - Vegan

Luxurious Natural Beard Oil - Vegan

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Key Features

1. Superior Moisturisation: The heart of our beard oil lies in the premium plant oils it contains. Ingredients like Apricot Kernel Oil, White Poppy Seed Oil, and Camellia Oil are packed with fatty acids and vitamins, such as Vitamin A and E, for deep moisturisation. Your beard will thank you as it becomes smoother, silkier, and hydrated.
2. Strengthen and Protect: The formulation isn't just about appearance; it's about beard health. Tomato and Blackcurrant Seed Oil are essential in strengthening and protecting your beard. They prevent drying and hair fatigue, promoting healthy, resilient beard growth.
3. Shield Against Dry Skin: Say goodbye to "beardruff." Our beard oil doesn't just focus on your beard; it takes care of the skin beneath. Red Raspberry Seed Oil creates a protective barrier, preventing water loss and dry skin. Plus, it offers a natural SPF of 28 to 50, safeguarding your skin from the sun.
4. Soothing Acmella Extract: We understand the irritation that can occur under your beard, and that's where Acmella Extract comes into play. It has soothing properties, ensuring the skin underneath remains calm and comfortable.
5. 100% Natural Ingredients: We're committed to a natural approach. All the ingredients used in our beard oil are plant-derived and 100% natural. You won't find any synthetic additives, alcohol, or inferior blending oils in our formulation.


Prunus armeniaca kernel oil (Apricot Kernel Oil)
Papaver somniferum seed oil (White Poppy Seed Oil)
Camellia oleifera seed oil (Camellia Oil)
Solanum lycopersicum seed oil (Tomato Seed Oil)
Ribes nigrum seed oil (Blackcurrant Seed Oil)
Rubus idaeus seed oil (Red Raspberry Seed Oil)
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
Helianthus annuus seed oil (Sunflower Oil)
Caprylic/capric triglyceride
Acmella oleracea extract (Acmella Extract)
Isoamyl laurate
Isoamyl cocoate
Blue Lotus absolute oil.


Nourish your beard and elevate your grooming with our luxurious natural Beard Oil 

Revitalise your beard care routine with our 100% natural vegan Beard Oil – a carefully crafted serum designed to transform your grooming experience. Immerse yourself in the richness of nature as our expertly formulated blend of premium plant oils works harmoniously to soften, condition, stimulate growth, strengthen and protect your beard.

Benefits your beard and skin

Our natural Beard Oil is more than a grooming product; it's a testament to quality formulation and dedicated hand crafting. Made from the finest plant oils, this innovative blend is a potent elixir for your beard and skin. Immerse yourself in the essence of quality ingredients, which have been combined to focus on enhancing your beard's strength, hydration, and overall condition while stimulating growth and ensuring comfortable, moisturised skin below.

A healthy beard is a result of more than just haircare. Our natural beard oil, penetrates both the hair and the skin below, deeply moisturising, conditioning, and protecting. Forget “beardruff”; this rich yet light and quickly absorbed oil works on your whole complexion, improving dry and damaged skin, giving natural SPF protection, and even working on reducing the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quality plant based ingredients

Our vegan beard oil contains a long list of high quality plant derived ingredients. Apricot kernel oil nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft, while White Poppy seed oil leaves your beard silky soft and easy to style. Camellia oil further conditions and softens the hair, and Tomato seed oil (a natural by-product of the food industry) is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, generally improving the hair flexibility and condition. Blackcurrant seed oil strengthens and protects, preventing drying and hair fatigue, supported by UK grown Red Raspberry seed oil, which creates a barrier to protect your beard and skin, giving natural SPF protection too. Added Vitamin E prevents epidermal moisture loss and protects from damage by pollutants in the atmosphere.

The mystical aroma of Blue Lotus

We have completed our formula with the addition of a subtle hint of Blue Lotus essential oil, one of the most precious essential oils. This mystical premium fragrance has floral hints with green undertones, and has a euphorically calming and relaxing effect. It isn’t just a fragrance though; it is anti-microbial, evens out skin tone, reduces inflammation, and calms skin conditions.



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    • Softens Beard

      The blend of natural oils like Apricot Kernel and White Poppy Seed Oil softens coarse beard hairs, making it the best beard oil for men looking for a softer, more touchable beard.

    • Skin Hydration

      Ingredients such as Camellia Oil and Tomato Seed Oil hydrate the skin beneath the beard, reducing itchiness and flaking.

    • Stimulates Growth

      This beard oil for growth is formulated with active ingredients that stimulate hair follicles, helping you achieve a fuller beard faster.

    • Anti-Ageing

      With a high concentration of antioxidants like Vitamin E and Blackcurrant Seed Oil, this beard oil works to keep your skin youthful.

    • Non-Greasy Finish

      The lightweight formula ensures that your beard remains free of greasiness, making it an ideal mens beard oil.

    • Firms Underlying Skin

      The inclusion of Acmella extract helps to firm the skin underneath your beard, enhancing your jawline.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Five Stars!

    Highly effective beard oil. It makes my beard soft, shiny, and easy to manage.

    Exceeded Expectations

    This is the best beard oil I've ever used. It leaves my beard feeling soft and smelling great.

    Luxurious Feel

    Superb quality oil. It makes my beard soft and manageable without feeling greasy.

    Highly Recommend

    Highly recommend this vegan beard oil. It has transformed my beard completely.

    Superb Quality

    Amazing results with this vegan beard oil. My beard has never felt better.